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United States of America Badlands National Park Trip

Badlands National Park

We all know that there are many national parks in the USA. Thus, it is no secret that some become hidden gems. It has seen few visitors over the years. One of these treasures is the Badlands National Park.

1-Entrance To The Park

Badlands National Park

You arrive at the Badlands National Park through I-90 road, which is the main road through the park. It is as beautiful as the walk in the park. The drive leads you through a mixed landscape of grasslands and the badlands. Along the way, there are multiple pullouts to stop and enjoy the Badlands wilderness. While driving, keep your eyes open for potential sightings of a lone bison, a dear or a bighorn sheep.


Badlands National Park


Badlands National Park

4-The Park

Badlands National Park

When you arrive at the park, there are plenty of short and semi-long hikes to enjoy. Some are ranging to only 0.5km. and others go as long as 15km. Along the way, on some of the longer trails, you can meet plenty of wildlife from snakes to big-horned sheep, bison, and plenty of other. And the landscape is ever-changing from grasslands to uninhabited regions called Badlands. Only by visiting this place, you can understand why it is called the Badlands.

5-Castle Trail

Badlands National Park

6-Mound Of Rock And A Trail

Badlands National Park


8-Wild Horse Roaming The Fields

9-Little Guy

10-Beautiful Vistas

Badlands National Park’s breathtaking views, rich geological history, diversity of species and easy trails make it the ideal place to explore for any hiking beginners. Without going too far outside your comfort zone.

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